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Modern Man Health

Project description

Modern Man Health wanted a user-friendly ecommerce website
that stands out and conveys freshness to a very competitive industry. Users should also be able to order ED medications online and fill their patient file for example in an effective, secure and engaging way for them, as online pharmacies have some restrictions regarding prescriptions and dosages for example. Our take was to differentiate from old school competitors by not showing people throughout the site, but instead using images in an implicit, casual and funny way.

Searching for visual inspiration, I thought about “Cucumber” a 2015 British television series created by Russell T. Davies and aired on Channel 4. Thus, I looked for fruits declination to illustrate our needs. Colors and fonts would also play an important role in the project branding to stand out from competition, to give a fresh look and still display some boldness.

Project details

  • Project: Modern Man Health
  • Category: UX/UI, Webdesign
  • Date: 2019